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  1. , “Well, I did it, and it didn’t change a damn thing. She still nagged me.” So we cobbled together another “agreement” that involved some level of drinking. As I think back on all of this and share it, it sounds absolutely absurd (thankfully!).

  2. NFIB chief economist William Dunkelberg, who noted that hiring plans are currently much stronger than they were in 1991. “This is not good news, no matter how anyone tries to spin it,” wrote Joshua Shapiro, chief economist for MFR Inc. The decline in the NFIB index “corroborates the steep drop in the ISM non-manufacturing index in the month, a move that was greeted with suspicion by some given its precipitous nature.”

  3. there is something important about the annual set piece. It focuses the manager on the employee over a period of time and forces them to dedicate time to their career progression. And it offers the opportunity to formally recognise someone who is outstanding.The ony pain with appraisals is how long they take to complete while doing the rest of your job.

  4. È’ chiaro che devo venire a disintossicarmi a Napoli e fare un pellegrinaggio dai vari Pepe, Coccia ecc… perché ho capito che la pizza ê una cosa troppo seria per lasciarla in mano agli emigranti, in Argentina, negli Usa e in tutto il mondo.

  5. Oh Mary, that salad is gorgeous! I love the look of it and the dressing sounds amazing. I think it's good when you have a black dressing like that to serve it on the side… the greens look so much better for presentation that way and people get to use as much or as little as they care to.. win win all around!

  6. Nice to see a cocktail bar stocking beers from small breweries. I don’t understand why most of them, together with coffee shops and posh restaurants, keep on buying the usual thing from the big three when it’s more expensive and people don’t really go there for the beer. I’m sure a keg of Ferdinand 12° costs less than one of Pilsner Urquell, and they will still sell the pints at the same price.

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  9. Yes, the local media “blew up” in the last 48 hours or so with Gio rumors. There isn’t any word (yet) on who they were willing or not willing to part with, or if it is totally dead yet. But ALL media types reported Gio was being discussed by the Phillies. I will let you know when I hear or see something new. There was a rumor about moving Hamels…RUMOR…and it seemed to come up at the same time the Gio talk appeared.

  10. LOL, lots of fun and wordplay to be had on your blog, Skully! Must get back to marking end-of-term papers pronto. I’m sadly lacking in discipline and will seize any excuse to sneak off, especially to anything that might remotely concern RA or his characters.

  11. Thank you so much aditya, That’s really helpful. but as of now, i dont think we will be able to take a car, as there is only one person who can drive, and we hardly have experience of driving on mountain highways. We will have to find an alternative, or maybe pay as much. let’s see. But neverthless it will be a lot of fun.

  12. My cost is 35 dollars in the winter and 100 for 3 mos in the summer with the AC going. I’m working on getting a solar water heater set outside to preheat the water going into my tank. I do know that a member of my family has had fantastic success with running solar panels (only 60 watts) with a grid tie inverter for knocking down the power bill. Harbor Freight offers this 60 watt system. Add that grid tie inverter which is cheap also and you’re well on your way. Go LED and not CF.

  13. Why is anyone still posting about this? There aren’t enough members who care to pay attention. It is high school pettiness at its worst. It will take a complete failure of the home tour (the only thing they do) to slap any sense into these people. Don’t open your home. Don’t sponsor. Don’t advertise. Don’t serve as a home tour volunteer. Don’t promote it. Don’t attend until things change.All OSHNA’s board cares about more than their egos is money and that is the only thing that will get the board’s attention. A loss of money. A loss of members.

  14. Le plaisir fu de courte durée !depuis 5h ce matin impossible de l’allumer !La batterie est chargée, elle beep quand des mails arrivent, donc elle fonctione le wifi aussi mais rien a l’ecran.Si il y a un retro eclairage sur ce type d’ecran et bien il est hs.J’espere que le sav archos est efficasse, j’ai bien peur d’etre privé de mon jouet longtemp….

  15. . »Wow, that is some deep ish. week before last, right wingers were calling him a terrorist, now the terrorists are calling him a House Negro. He gets squeezed from all sides—just like a Field Negro. »DAMN RIGHT!! WOOZIE said: »obamassa »HAHAHA. PRICELESS!Field, awesome post, well done again!

  16. Скопипастил на своем блоге вашу информацию, и создол там конечно-же сылку на вас. Но вот зашел побачить поевился ли трекбек, а его нет… Досадно конечно, но ведь публикуем мы не ради ссылок)) Но все же посмотрите все ли у вас пашет, ибо странно что ссылка не поевилась, или она не прошла модерацию?

  17. – Pictures look so inviting, Betsy. Let Jeff know that even though we may get a hurricane from time to time, look what we get to deal with the rest of the time! Fortunately, we were not hit too badly in our area. It is sad for all of those that were, however.

  18. Do you think that frugality is a goal all it’s own? Boy, I really agree with you on frugality in and of itself is a waste! Rich Misers living in shacks is where that path leads!Or do you think it’s an effort that should support other financial endeavors?I think it could both in personal life and business. Look at Buffett, his business office looks like any other frugal business office.Some great point! Balance is the key..-= Money Reasons´s last blog .. =-.

  19. Adriana / Adoro todas as matérias ,mais sobre as plantas eu adorei ainda mais!!!!!!parabéns!!!!!.Gostaria de ver mais sobre como ter uma vida saudavel,dietas ….Gostei deste comentário ou não: 3

  20. I want to give these a go for a birthday at work…. Would cost a fortune to buy enough for everyone! But I like the look where the colour graduates, like a tray from pastel to bright pink or blue/green etc.Can I add the colour later in the mix? Pipe some, add more colour, pipe more, add more colour etc etc The way I do when colouring buttercream…. Or does it have to be added at this first stage and i need to make batches of different shades?Many thanks

  21. Mr. Ray – that is exactly correct! A new violation comes in at 3X time weight. An old violation falls off at 1X time weight. That’s why it is so important to understand the rules of the CSA game – so that we can make effective strategic decisions within the constraints of limited time and resources that we all face. Since new violations are triple-weighted, one of the first thing a carrier with high BASIC scores needs to do is to reduce the new violations coming in the door. It’s the same as with the first rule of holes – if you’re in a hole, stop digging!

  22. John, my bad, I didn’t mean “fun majors” like DJ’ing or wine tasting. And I am not exactly supporting the ideal of “pursue your dreams.” I believe that reality is a multiple-choice problem. Comfortable pay, meaningful work, legal: choose at most two.On the other side, though, many professions (medical, legal, research, academic, financial, etc.) are requiring advanced degrees from fancy schools. A low-end college on the CV can become a liability.

  23. I just read Jon Morrow’s post above and it helps prove my point. Obviously Mr. Morrow is not autistic or Asperger’s, or he wouldn’t have learned the social skills so quickly when he forced himself into social situations. Probably an introverted but non-autistic person. But he could no doubt have benefited from some help socially in elementary school, without being diagnosed autistic when he so obviously isn’t.

  24. Srsly… dont be so skeptic.Why would BioWare end his franchise like that… they want to sell you a dlc with the true end… then use the universe to create a MMO.Yes BIOWARE is fuckin greedy but hey… IT WAS AWESOME experiencing a REAL TIME INDOCTRINATION!!!! Sorry Joe, i agreed with you on every video u made before but that seems just pointless since u didnt mentioned the main reason the end was made this way.

  25. Hello, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues.When I look at your blog in Firefox, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, ithas some overlapping. I just wanted to give youa quick heads up! Other then that, great blog!

  26. February 15, 2010 – 9:38 pm I just tried this, and all “My Citysearch” will allow me to do now that I’ve “Added a business” is allow me to put the title of my business and upload a picture.I cannot:-add a physical address-add a phone #-add an email address-add facebook or twitter informationAlso you mention adding a review in this article, but that feature is no longer available (I agree with you that reviewing yourself looks spammy, but it appears that CS has taken this option away altogether so perhaps it stands to reason that they’ve removed other options as well.)Is Citysearch moving toward requiring payment for this basic listing info?

  27. Those who have been forced to live under communism recognize another totalitarianism when it comes knocking unlike those fool libs privileged to live in the free West who feel it their duty to drag anything non-white, non-Christian through the gates in penance for ancient sins, sins historically committed in their worst form by the very people (Muslims) they're now calling victims. What a bizarre view, that the white share of what was near universal slavery should be made up to the biggest slave culture of the world past and present – Muslims!

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  29. Kevin,You are made to be a bodybuilder. Look at the transformation you already have made. If you are steroid free as you have claimed on this blog you really look fantastic, better than 50% of the juicers!Maybe you should compete once more again and knock out the current Mr. Olympia and all the other strange IFBB pro’s.Keep up the good work,Greetings from The Netherlands.

  30. Personally I’d love to have a mount like this. It’s really hard to see the computer on the stem when in the drops. Coincidentally I was just researching my options in this area yesterday and came across the item linked below. It’s a different approach and I believe it would work for the Forerunners since it just adds a minibar in front. For my Edge500 I’d prefer the Above Category design though.

  31. Thank you so much for this. I grow increasingly frustrated with people telling me that they’re just so BUSY and that there’s no TIME for anything. I’ve not been able to work out why they have no time, when I seem to have plenty of it. Now I can sit back and say, it’s because they’re “busy” not because they have full days!

  32. I love the advice to be yourself and to let your guests be themselves, as well. Hospitality really doesn’t have to incite feelings on fear and panic and inadequacy. Have fun with it!

  33. It’s amazing how certain words, thoughts, or phrases just “click” in your head as motivation. When you said “before you know it you’ll be in the car driving home” it was JUST the right thing I needed to read. I read a million inspirational quotes a day on Pinterest, but for some reason that one registered with something in me. You are so right, I should be focusing on the drive home from the gym…. the excitement of being DONE and I can go home now, AND the excitement that I actually did it!!! That drive home for me is the best part of it all.

  34. Mielestäni se anonyymiys pitäisi kyllä saada takaisin, eikö ole parempi että keskustelua syntyy eripuolilta? Nyt voi käydä niin että pelkästään sinun "ihailijasi" ovat täällä yhtymässä juttuihisi. Itse en ainakaan ole läheskään aina samaa mieltä, ja joskus jutuissasi on suorastaan virheellistä tietoa. Mutta ihan tärkeitä aiheita nämä silti ovat, eri näkökulmista tuskin on haittaakaan?

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  36. Yo Yurup,Fabulous … I think I’ll read it again!I saw the video of Stomp when I was at my last school, one teacher had borrowed it to show her class and I think it got played in most … the kids were amazed and for days the hallways and playground echoed with bizarre but wonderful rhythms … loved it!Unfortunate about the SOB behind you … it’s hard … but have sympathy for the poor soul who has to go home with the rude and the nasty.Hope our paths cross on the first trip … certainly in July … I’ll try to get the pool ready!lovepALMSpOPS

  37. I discovered your blog web site on google and check just a few of your early posts. Continue to maintain up the superb operate. I just extra up your RSS feed to my MSN Information Reader. In search of forward to studying more from you later on!

  38. I fear that I have to capitalize some words so you can understand my sentence…..this is the proof that there is NO god. apart from PROPABILITY and nature RANDOM EVENTS that create the universe and life and we have just begin to translate this universal language? in the shape of mathematics. To believe that there is god but he do nothing to contact us because of a mistake or something that happen many and many years? ago it makes that god very egoistic (like we are as a race).

  39. Hi Ann,i am new to your website and am going to try the macarons recipe even though i’m just 11 i’m just wondering if the ingredient measurements are Australian or American… i’m Australian and i want to make sure i do the recipe correct, thanks in advance

  40. Hallo,hatte gerade das selbe Problem. Bei mir hat es so auch nicht funktioniert, deshalb noch eine kleine Ergänzung: Ich musste unter Einstellung erst ein Häkchen setzen bei “Automatisch .mo Datei beim Speichern erstellen”.Und tattaaaaaa: Die editierte .po Datei speichert die notwendige .mo direkt mit ab.Viele Grüße

  41. hophmi, does a country, but not a political party, have the right to violate another country’s airspace? Are you suggesting that Israel’s violations of Lebanese airspace are OK, but Hezbollah’s drone is illegal because it is only a party and not the government? Are you suggesting that Israel will kill a lot of people in retaliation for this violation of its airspace, and that it will be Nasrallah’s fault? If Hezbollah, or Lebanon, were to seek revenge for 20,000 violations of its airspace by attacking Israel, would that be justified? And would any Israeli deaths be Israel’s fault?

  42. Marius noemde het al: op 26 oktober vindt een reprise plaats (in verkorte uitvoering) van de schitterende musical El en Ben tijdens de caféliedjesmiddag in het Historisch Museum Haarlem. Een co-produktie van theatergroep Eglentier en het Haarlems Huiskamerteam.Omdat de ruimte beperkt is is de toegang op uitnodiging. Speciale actie voor RaDalezers die de musical gemist hebben: stuur mij tot 10 oktober een mail dan ontvang je een uitnodiging.

  43. Ja Kicki, besök McD och rapportera till oss på bloggen! Det vore intressant för oss alla skulle jag tro! Läskigt med processhjälpmedel förresten, det är nog mycket som vi vanliga konsumenter inte vet om, tyvärr!

  44. Thanks for the helpful post. It is also my belief that mesothelioma has an incredibly long latency period of time, which means that signs and symptoms of the disease might not emerge right up until 30 to 50 years after the original exposure to asbestos fiber. Pleural mesothelioma, that is certainly the most common sort and has effects on the area about the lungs, could potentially cause shortness of breath, chest muscles pains, and also a persistent coughing, which may result in coughing up our blood.

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  46. Famaciti mas afinal que sabes tu de ciclismo.Como queres ter crédito se nem consegues identificar-te. Quanto ao ouvir o speaker a informar mal, devo~te aconselhar mais uma vez a ouvir o mesmo a partir do 1.30 minutos, onde ele informa quem tem de ir ao controlo, pois ele só informa o dorsal e equipa e por uma só vez é que menciona o nome docorredor, José Dias da Vulcal, todos os outros só menciona o dorsal e equipa, esclarecido, ou é necessário ensimar mais alguma coisa.

  47. Thanks for the comment. One of the things that struck me as I read “White House Ghosts” by Schlesinger is the number of times speechwriters noted the quality of speeches declined as access to the president declined. This was most evident with Carter and with Bush I. It applied in Reagan’s second term as well. Indeed, freelance can be tough to get a handle on voice, but a friend suggested that You Tube is a great way to mine speech material. Obviously this applies mainly to speakers who are a bit more well known. Press conferences, media scrums etc.

  48. It is my distinct opinion that those who refer to me and others of a like mind as racists, are themselves racists. They are quick to use someone’s color or ethnicity to push their own personal agenda, as they know they have nothing to back up their positions.I would rather be thought a “racist”, than a bleeding heart socialist, wiping their mouth with the American flag after devouring all that is good about our country, and finishing the job by wiping their posterior with the Constitution.In this, we stand together, against these abhorrent acts and illegal persons.

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  51. I am disappointed that I can’t find smoked paprika. Obviously this recipe calls for it and others I’ve wanted to try do too. I live in Portland and have tried Fred Meyer and (a smallish) Whole Foods without luck. Where do you find yours? It would be with the rest of te spices, right? Thanks for any enlightenment.

  52. Off-topic Rusia, uno de los supuestos “aliados” de Irán puede aceptar sancionar a Irán por enriquecer uranio al 20%. Irán responde que no permitirá ninguna sanción y que actuará de manera diferente a como lo ha hecho hasta ahora en respuesta de la supuesta sanción y que se arrepentirán de haber impuesto la sanción.Veremos a ver a donde acaba esto y a saber lo que tiene escondido Irán en la manga, desde luego asusta.Saludos

  53. I wouldn’t have minded doing more long exposures in Vegas, it’s just there are too many drunk people willing to trip over tripods and weirdos snapping cards for hookers in your face that I decided not to draw attention to myself by dragging a tripod up the strip.

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  56. Problem is, if that $12.00/hour employee asks–even if they do it nicely–for additional money for the additional tasks, they will be immediately fired. Then what? This country is in a Depression. So the $12.00/hour employee will keep quiet, keep their head down and do work that should pay twice as much so they can hold onto their $12.00/hour.

  57. 3 ekor anonymous kat atas tu memang UMNO berpemikiran yahudi…yg betul ttp betul, salah ttp salah….x rugipun kalu x sertai olympik jika tergadai puase….tok nenek aku tak jadi ahli sukanpun bulih idup kat malaysia ni….yang penting cuba2lah jauhkan perkara2 yg syubhah tu…belajar agama sikit jngn dok nampak dunia secara keterlaluan….

  58. I had the NDP and PC candidates mixed up…..that almost NEVER happens:-)I feel better about the PC Candidate than I did when I thought it was another from a school board. That’s going to play out interestingly if education’s an issue….and it can’t help but be on the radar as kids will just be either back at school or home because of job action. Either way…..looks really bad on McGuinty but I worry about how the PCs will play the education issue because Hudak’s shied away from it often in the past.

  59. Oh good fucking god.Also, we seriously need to sit Bella down with a DVD of HeathersI feel that this would solve a LOT of the problems inherent in this character, actually. « If you stay, I don’t need heaven. » Oh, please. I think we all know that, in the end, it’s going to turn out that Jesus totally hearts vampires after all.

  60. Seriously????I agree with so many others. Total disgrace and you should be ashamed of this.Leave the National Anthem as is. Have you politicians learnt nothing seeing as changing it was rejected by the public in the recent years.I have traditionally supported Liberal but after this I think I might have to reconsider if this is the quality of representation in the government.

  61. “Ron and I were just talking today about how people who are vocal on issues and actually try and help communities always seem to get personally attacked and this is a perfect example of it”.Hard to believe that Ron is your personal friend. Are you trying to bring him down too. You are evil genius.

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  66. Quella sulla linguetta, «Gort! Klaatu, Barada, Nikto!» non è originaria del film Armata delle Tenebre, dove era solo una citazione di un film precedente: la frase si riferisce infatti ad « Ultimatum alla Terra » (un vecchio film di fantascienza), dove il robot (appunto) Gort viene fermato con quella frase.

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  70. Great website you have here but I was wondering if you knew of any community forums that cover the same topics discussed in this article? I’d really like to be a part of community where I can get suggestions from other experienced people that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Appreciate it!

  71. Nikki, I miss you oh so much! I would love to come see you in Grease. I am not sure if it is doable for we are on a REALLY tight budget right now. But I will talk to Rich and see what we could do. I think we might be planning a trip to Disney in March. Caffrey will be nine months old and Reese will be two. My cousin Carson is going to be in a Cheerleading Competition at MGM or whatever it is called now. Maybe you should join us! I am sure we could use your help to plan the trip since you are the expert! I am totally missing some karaoke!

  72. I agree the corruption within the CCP is in epidemic proportion and the elite within that system is running away with the labors of it’s people.We have to be honest and the flip side is 300 million Chinese are taken out of poverty and the middle class in China now out numbers yours and my country combined and that in the space of 20yrs. I’m old enough to remember Japan’s economic miracle from the 60s 70s &80s when that miracle was export driven and the Japanese were frugal and disciplined..

  73. that Mussina confounded everybody with his decision. That’s probably true, unless you actually read anything about it before today: The beat writers were saying he would retire, the Yankees were saying he would retire, and even Moose was saying near the end of the year that he would probably retire. If this announcement confounds you, you’re lost. But such is the state of the afternoon show on WFAN, where facts shall not be allowed to stand in the way of the host.

  74. Hello there Wranglerstar FamilyI came upon your videos via my searches on Timer Frame structures… I am currently working on an octagonal sauna… just sketches at this point as I do? not have a heated space (yet). My gf and I live just outside Beachburg, Ont… 10 acres, 26 free range chickens, 5 miniature goats, two new dogs and many many barn cats…

  75. Grafiker kunne jeg ogsÃ¥ tenkt meg blitt, ser utrolig spennende og kreativt ut. BÃ¥ten var forresten utrolig sexy:) Det kan du hilse din bror og si!Jeg gleder meg til Ã¥ fÃ¥ Macèn i hus, blir nytt for meg, men jeg regner med at det bør gÃ¥ seg til innen 1 uke. Jeg fÃ¥r den i februar, sÃ¥ jeg har enda tid Ã¥ psyke meg opp pÃ¥….Blir vel som en person som mÃ¥ lære seg alt i dataverden pÃ¥ nytt;)

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